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Who's Who in the Grave Yard
The Presbyterian Church in Morristown

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 1-Lewis Condict Family Monument

     Lewis Condict,  MD

     Martha Woodhull Condict h/w

     Sophia Woodhull Condict Cook

     Dr. Silas L. Condict

     Nathan Woodhull Condict,  MD

     Ellen Louisa Condict

     Lewis Condict, Jr.,  MD

     Anna Byram Condict Bush

     Martha Maria Condict Hall

     Phebe Ann Mills Condict

     Julia Elmer Coe Condict

     Nathan Woodhull Condict

     Stewart Elmer Condict

     Lewis Condict      

     George Elmer Condict 

     Julia Elmer Condict  

     Martina Elmendorf Condict

     Silas Condict

     Sarah Louisa Condict

     Edward William Condict

     Lewis Condict Bush


Note:  One side of this obelisk carries the inscription "John Condict,  of Norman descent,  from Wales to America in 1678,  d.  in Newark,  1713,  leaving one son,  Peter,  who d.  1714,  his sons were Samuel,  Peter 2d [Peter & Phebe],  John,  Nathaniel,  Phillip [Philip & Mary],  & Isaac.  Peter 2d d.  Morristown,  1768;  his sons were Joseph,  Nathaniel,  Ebenezer,  Silas and Peter 3d.  Peter 3d d. 1774,  leaving three sons,  Edward,  Byram,  and Lewis.


2- "MEC" (Martina Elmendorf Condict)

3- "MWC" (Martha Woodhull Condict)

4- "JEC" (Julia Elmer Condict)

5-Stevenson Family Monument

     Richard Wilson Stevenson,  MD

     Eleanor "Ellen"  L. Duryee Stevenson

     Rachel Day Duryee

     James Duryee Stevenson

     Phillipa G. Stevenson

     Louisa Stevenson

     Rachel Ellen Stevenson

     Mary Gertrude Stevenson McMaster

     Richard Wilson Stevenson

     William Duryee Stevenson

     Phillip Edward Stevenson

     Kate Stuart Stevenson

6- "RWS & ELS" (Richard Wilson Stevenson & Eleanor L. Stevenson)

7-Illegible Marble-Sugar Decay

8- "R & ES"  (Rachel Ellen Stevenson &Phillip Edward Stevenson)

9- "PD & RD" (Reverend Phillip Duryee & Rachel Day Duryee) &

     2nd Displaced Marker "PD"

10- "KSS" Kate Stuart Stevenson

11- "LC" (Not Otherwise Identified)

12- "CEC" (Not Otherwise Identified)

13-Anna Yeaman Condict & Walter H. Condict

14-Woodruff Family Monument

     Absalom Woodruff,  MD

     Eliza Drake Woodruff

     Absalom Blachley Woodruff

     Absalom Franklin Woodruff

     Mary Ann Woodruff

     Joanna Johnes Woodruff

     "Male" Woodruff

15-David Gillespie & Mary Elizabeth Johnson Gillespie

16-Morris Johnson & Charlotte B. Ferris Johnson

17-Silas Johnson

18-Sarah Chetwood Stansbury Johnson

19-Margaret B. Johnson Gregory

20-Anna Caroline Johnson Fisher

21-Martha Johnson Wood & Maria P. Johnson Wood

22-Ezekiel Whitehead Family Monument

     Ezekiel Whitehead

     Mary Condict Whitehead

     Lucinda Whitehead

     Martha Whitehead

     Sylvester Russell Whitehead

     Isaac N. Whitehead

     Ira Condict Whitehead

     Sarah Louise Whitehead

     Mary Whitehead

     Abby Smith Freeman Whitehead


23-A Brass Marker Placed By the Daughters Of The American Revolution For

Onesimus Whitehead And His Wife Rebecca Condict Whitehead Although The Actual Burial Site In  The Cemetery Is Unknown.


24-Sarah Louisa Whitehead

25-Ira C. Whitehead

26-Illegible Marble Fragments

27-Silas Brookfield Emmell Family Monument

     Silas Brookfield Emmell

     Elmira Campbell Emmell

     Catharine Campbell Emmell

     Heyward Glover Emmell

     Frances C. Emmell

     Frances Emmell

     George Alexander Emmell

28- "CCE" (Catherine Campbell Emmell)

29- "ECE" (Elmira Campbell Emmell)

30- "SBE" (Silas Brookfield Emmell)

31-  "FCE & FE"  (Frances C. Emmell & Frances Emmell)

32- "GAE" (George Alexander Emmell)

33- "HGE"  (Heywood Glover Emmell)

34-Elliot L.Condict w/Footstone "ELC"

35-Charles Condict & Emeline Phillips Condict

36-Silas Condict & Charlotte Ford Condict

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