Grave Site Locator Segment 8

The Presbyterian Church in Morristown

1-Frederick King,  Abby La Rue King,  & Reverend Frederick La Rue King

2-John Henry King

3-Charlotte Morrell King

4-Henry King

5-Mary Ayers King d/Henry & Charlotte King

6-Sarah Ann King

7-Hannah Morrell King

8-Caroline Pearson Hudson

9-John Cantine,  Sarah Cantine,  & Sophia Cantine

10- "SD" (Not Otherwise Identified)

11-Illegible Marble-Sugar Decay

12- "EDW  AFW  MAW" (Not Otherwise Identified)

13-Illegible Redstone-Fragments-Mary Ayers King w/Frederick King

14-Frederick King

15-Mary Virginia King Pearson

16-Mary Dabney Hallam King

17-William Lewis King

18-Harriet Lincoln King

19-Oliver Richardson King & Mary Butler King

20-Caroline Parson King

21-Nancy H. King  w/ Henry H. King

22-Henry H. King

23- "FLK"  (Frederick La Rue King)

24-Curtis Holmes Anderson

25-Tom Anderson

26-Davis Family Monument

27-Sarah Johnson Davis

28-Jacob Johnson Davis

29-Laura Alice Peppard Davis

30-Joel Davis

31-Sarah Vail Johnson Davis

32-Amelia (Aurielia) Warren

33-Mary Warren

34-Charlotte B. Arden

35-Eliza Wood

36-Ezra Owen 

37-Letitia K. Urmston Stiles &  James Egbert Stiles

38-Josephine Richards Stiles Johnson

39-Ezra B. Stiles

40-Jane M. Brown Stiles

41-James E. B. Stiles

42-Ruhamah H. Potter Stiles

43-Sarah K. Stiles

44-Illegible Marble-Buried-Sarah Kirtland

45-Vail Family Monument

     Davis Vail

     Hannah Moore Vail

     Henry Vail

     Phebe Baker Vail

     Mary Perry Vail

     John Vail

46-George Vail & Mary Tichenor Vail

47- "GV"  (George Vail)

48- "HAV"  (Member Of The Vail Family)

49-Mary Perry Vail

50-Jacob Vail

51-Phebe Baker Vail

52-Henry Vail

53-Davis Vail

54-Hannah Moore Vail

55-Sarah Davis Vail

56-Davis Y. Vail & Davis Y. Vail 2nd

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