In-Reach Mission Project

Outreach within our own community!

Saturday, October 19
8:30am - 12:00pm

Members of our congregation donate their time to reach out to members in need and have a blast doing it! Yards are raked/trimmed/weeded, windows washed, recycling dumped, mums planted, items moved and stored, all while laughing and chatting on a beautiful fall morning.

Meet at the Parish House at 8:30am for breakfast and team formation, then head off to members' homes for fun and service. The morning ends at noon. All ages are welcome to join in this extremely rewarding experience for all involved.

Contact: Linda

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What People Are Saying 

Team leader: “Who knew that window washing could be so much fun! We all agree that doing it with a group of hard workers for someone who appreciates the help made it a totally different experience. Everyone was a winner!”

Happy homeowner: “Although I am normally able to care for my house myself, this year has been particularly difficult... But then these wonderful people (I call them my Angel Crew) showed up, hauled away all the garden pruning I had done earlier in the season but was now unable to get rid of, cut down the rest of the overgrowth in my garden, bagged it and removed it, as well as about a dozen trash bags from my garage, weed-whacked my clogged paver driveway and prettied up the place in a wonderful way. We sat on my porch after wards and noshed and chatted happily. I went to bed Saturday feeling so relieved and grateful. I will be signing up for the project next year myself ... as a volunteer this time!”