Performances - Audio and Video

Performances include concerts, musical services, musical selections in services and children's musical events. 


Ringers-on-the-Green Selections

Highlights from ROGS performances and tours

ROGS Concert 06-22-2014 Musical Event ROGS Concert 06-22-2014

A bell piece rung by the Ringers-on-the-Green at their Send-Off Concert…

Ringers-on-the-Green Tour 2013 Highlights Musical Event Ringers-on-the-Green Tour 2013 Highlights

Highlights of 2013 ROGS performances and tour of New England with Director…

How Can I Keep from Singing - 02-2014 Musical Event How Can I Keep from Singing - 02-2014

How Can I Keep from Singing by Arnold B. Sherman played during worship…