Responses to Suggestions for the Parish House Kitchen

There is a suggestion box in the kitchen on the left as you head out the door from the kitchen to the hallway. Thanks for the suggestions, it helps make the kitchen better.

Suggestions as of January 18, 2017.

Why isn’t there a stopper on the door into the hall? 
We did have a wedge stopper for that door, but it’s small and  keeps getting misplaced. The kitchen committee has asked AAA to put a stopper on all doors into and out of the kitchen. This includes the door to the hall and the door into and out of Sheffield Hall. We have also asked for a protection strip at the bottom of the door to the hall, like the ones on the doors to Sheffield Hall. AAA will take care of this within the next few weeks.

Why isn’t there any organization of supplies for everyday beverage making, no containers for sugar, Coffee Mate, artificial sweeteners, napkins, stirrers?
The Kitchen Committee rearranged all the beverage supplies to be near the main coffee makers. Everything is in a container. We only buy packets of sugar for sanitary reasons, so the big sugar container you may remember from the old kitchen, will not be returning. Any sugar used for baking or cooking should be brought in the day you’re using the kitchen. Any not used should be taken home, not left in the kitchen. The napkins and cups are in the first long cupboard near the kitchen door. 

And, there used to be a place for used containers to take leftovers home?
We ask that you bring your own containers for leftovers. If you are cooking and expect leftovers, please either bring containers yourself or request that your guests do so. It’s difficult to make sure there are tops and matching bottoms when multiple people are leaving containers, thus making containers left by people unusable.

Kitchen is great. Thank you. The Kitchen Renovation Committee did an outstanding job. Many thanks to them.

Please consider getting real roll paper towels – much better for cleaning.
There are now 3 countertop paper towel holders with 3 rolls of paper towels. Extra paper towels are in the hall closet.

Also, stirring spoons should be stored in drawers near stove.
We totally agree with you and that’s where we put them when we set up the kitchen. We tried to differentiate between items that would be used for cooking and items that would be used for serving. The cooking items were placed in the drawers under the stainless steel table across from the stoves and the serving items were placed in the drawers of the galley cabinets across from a work space. We didn’t put them in one place because we thought that would create congestion. But the cooking spoons obviously migrated to the serving utensil area when they were put away. At our last meeting, we put stuff back where it had originally been and we’ll talk to the sextons about where items go.

Kitchen Committee: N. Behrendt, M. Hummer, C. Knauff and V. Willson