Renovations Photo Gallery

Parish House Reveal 2016-10

SouthStHallCrowd2016.jpg ConfirmationGym017.jpg Sheffield Hall2016.jpg kitchen016.jpg ParlorSunSem2017.jpg YouthRm_2016.jpg Elevator 2016.jpg

Parish House 08-2016

First floor complete. South Street Hall (formerly gym) undergoing major upgrade, including revealing stain glass windows.

MainEntranceOpen1080txt201606web.jpg SheffHallToParlor201606web.jpg ErdmanRmtxt201606web1.jpg NewLawrenceLib201606web1.jpg CeilingDownWallUpGym201606web.jpg RoseWIndowPeotxt201605web.jpg FramingSoStHall201608.jpg SouthStrhallWall201608.jpg

Parish House 05-2016

Reveal old Sanctuary ceiling, windows. Finishing touches Sheffield Hall, parlor. New History Room upstairs.

Reno-ceiling-windows-text20160513web.jpg sanctuaryceiling20160512texWeb.jpg shefHallLights20160512textWeb.jpg ParlorDone20160512textWeb.jpg histRm20160512text-web.jpg StiltManText20160513web.jpg RenoFirelineText05-2016web.jpeg Reno1080MedallClose201605web.jpg

Parish House 04-2016

sheetrock, doors/ceilings installed, elevator in, sprinkler pipes painted 

Elevator Otis.jpg Glass wall lib,conf rm.jpg ShefHall.jpg 2 fl multipur rm.jpg sheetrock 2nd fl offices.jpg New clothbank rm.jpg Sprinklers.jpg

Parish House 03-2016

HVAC, parlor-Sheffield Hall opening framed, Conference Room enclosed

Conf Rm enclose 03-11-2016web.jpg parlor framed pocket doors 03-2016 web.jpg HVAC bove fine arts rm, offices web.jpg HVAC above Sheff 03-2016web.jpg

Parish House Upstairs 02-2016

Classrooms, gym, expose stained glass, expose clerestory windows, reveal rosette, create arched partition

Reno Annual Meet MVIX 1, 02-2016 web.jpg Reno Annual Meet MVIX Drawing 2, 02-2016web.jpg Reno Annual Meet MVIX Drawing 3 web, 02-2016.jpg Reno Annual Meet MVIX Drawing 4web, 02-2016.jpg Reno Annual Meet MVIX Drawing 5web, 02-2016.jpg 2nd floor framing text 1 02-2016.jpg 2nd floor framing text web 02-2016.jpg

Phase 2   01-2016

Elevator shaft finished, fire supression work, exposing/reusing architectural features, joists 2nd floor, parlor opening

Crown molding Sheffield hall 12-2015 web.jpg Elevator early 01-2016web.jpg Exposed Brick reuse 01-2016 web.jpg Exposed Sanctuary 12-2015 web.jpg Finishing elevator shaft 12-2015web.jpg fire supression pipes 01-2016 web.jpg Hoisting air handlers 01-2016 web.jpg joists above hallway 01-2016 webs.jpg parlor opening, Hall lighting 01-2016 web.jpg Pipes01-19-2016 web.jpg

Phase 2   11&12-2015

Elevator, Parlor panarama, support beams intalled, Ceiling detail old Sanctuary of South Street Church

Nov 13 Parlor panorama2.jpg Beam traffic dave Kristo 12-2015_text.jpg beam crane 12-2015 web.jpg beam window parlor 12-2015 1080_web.jpg beam on wall 12-2015 text.jpg Nov 1-7th basement framing.jpg Oct 18-24  Ready to pour basement floor.jpg Oct30 basement floor.jpg South St sanctuary ceiling 11-2015 Frazier_edited-1.jpg Dec4 1st floor elevator shaft.jpg Dec6 2nd floor elevator shaft.jpg Dec6 Cove molding.jpg Dec4 beam pockets2.jpg

Phase 2   10-2015

Elevator, Sheffield Hall, gym

9-28 (1) permits issued - pouring concrete web.jpg 10-08-15 pouring elevator pit floor_web.jpg 9-28 (2) elevator pit  footings web.jpg 9-28 (3) elevator pit  footings werb.jpg 9-28 (4) 2nd floor wall opening web.jpg 9-28 (5) 2nd floor wiring web.jpg 9-28 (6) exterior fencing web.jpg

Phase 2    08-2015

Finish demo, open walls and ceilings for elevator and Fine Arts space upstairs.

Basement from Heritage Roomweb.jpg Basement towards Heritage Room - beforeweb.jpg from Room 3web.jpg Parlor opening to Sheffield Hallweb.jpg Room 3 from hallweb.jpg Sheffield Hall ceiling goneweb.jpg Sheffiled Hall from aboveweb.jpg The stage is goneweb.jpg

Phase 2    07-2015

Demo, wall and ceiling removal

gymfloor look down 07-21-2015web.jpg Hall, Conf rm open 07-21-2015 web.jpg Hall, Conf, Office open 07-21-2015web.jpg kitchen hall open ceiling 07-21-2015web.jpg parlor 07-21-2015web.jpg parlor to gym ceiling  07-21-2015web.jpg parlor to gym look up 07-21-2015web.jpg wall gym work barrier07-21-2015web.jpg

Parish House Kitchen

Kitchen Renovations 04-2015

KitchenReno1 03-29-2015 text web.jpg KitchenReno2 03-29-2015 counter Sheff web.jpg KitchenReno 03-29-2015 3 door view web.jpg KitchenReno4 03-29-2015 View Sheff Hall_.jpg

Kitchen Renovations 03-2015

KitchenReno-Mar2015 01.jpg KitchenReno_Mar2015_02.jpg KitchenReno_March2015 03web.jpg KitchenReno_03-18 Sheff Hall view 04.jpg KitchenReno_Mar2015 4a.jpg KitchenReno Mar2015 05.jpg KitchenReno_Mar15 06.jpg

Kitchen Renovations 02-2015

KitchenReno frm outside door-150216web370width.jpg KitchenReno frm Sheff Hall  150216web370width.jpg KitchenReno frm Sheff Hall 150216_03web370width.jpg KitchenReno slide-150215web370width.jpg KitchenReno-150121_05web370width.jpg MVIX KitchenReno-150121_digisign02web370width.jpg

Weeks Three and Four 12-2014

KitchenReno5-workers-141231_16web2.jpg KitchenReno1-141231_single size.jpg KitchenReno2 Beams bef, aft141231web.jpg KitchenReno2-141231_23web2.jpg KitchenReno2-beam-141231_26web2.jpg KitchenReno3-beam-141231_29web2.jpg KitchenReno6 before, after 141231 web.jpg

Installing Ceiling Beam 12-2014

KitchenReno_bumpout 11-30 web370.jpg 2014-12-03 hs paint wall 02 web370.jpg Kitchen seen from upstairs, Bye 12-10-2014 web370.jpg 2014-12-03 hs paint wall03 web370.jpg 2014-12-03 hs table 370web.jpg KitchenReno-141130_02web370.jpg 2014-12-03 hsPaintWallweb 370.jpg 2014-12-03 PaintedWall01web370.jpg KitchenReno-141130_web370.jpg 2014-12-03 WallPt web 370.jpg 2014-12-hs paint wall web 370.jpg

Weeks One and Two 11-2014

Kitchen Reno_Alessio-Allison-Snyder 11-19-2014 web370.jpg KitchenReno-141121_02web370.jpg KitchenReno_staff AAA 11-19-2014 web370.jpg KitchenReno-141121_03 web370.jpg KitchenOldOven_CLoseUp 11-19-2014 web370.jpg KitchenReno-141121_web370.jpg