We offer a comprehensive Christian Education program for ages 2-18. We kick off the year the second Sunday in September, with Sunday School and a parent open house.


From 8:45-9:45am, children and middle school youth take part in active classes at the Parish House with music as a prime component. 

Nursery School

Our school operates as a form of outreach for The Presbyterian Church in Morristown. The primary goal of our school is to serve children and families within the Morristown area by offering a nurturing and stimulating atmosphere for young children. We offer the children an opportunity for emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development in a Christian environment.



On Wednesdays, we offer a program for all age groups.

Children in grades k-5 receive education, music, activities and an optional Family Dinner. Children sing and ring bells as early as 5 years old during the choir portion of the afternoon.

Check the Youth pages for Christian Education, music, activities and service opportunities for grades 6-12.


On Thursdays at 1pm,  JAM offers Joy And Music for children ages 3 to pre-K five-year-olds.

After Sunday School, we worship together at the Church on the Green at 10am. Childcare for infants through age 8 is available Sunday mornings at Howard House, adjacent to the Sanctuary.


Please register for all children's and youth CE and music programs.

Vacation Bible School

For a week in the summer, children and youth are invited to attend or volunteer at Vacation Bible School.