Spiritual Formation Community - A Space for God - NEW!

It’s not enough to hear the word of God on Sunday and expect to nurture a healthy relationship between God and self, and self and others. We need to come into God’s presence by living our lives embracing and being embraced by God.

In the business of our lives, we find it difficult to make space for God. This small group explores creative ways to embrace and be embraced by a loving God, while deepening our own spiritual disciplines, through scripture, music, art, poetry and environment. Summer study guides are posted below. Enjoy!

Please contact Linda with questions or if you are interested in joining the group.

Week 7 - Summer

1. Listen to And can It Be (Amazing Love) sung by Glad.  

2. Watch The Know Universe.

3. Watch the clip from Louie Giglio's sermon on our universe.

A tiny openness (in our lives) to pray changes the world, because we are changed, and the ripple effects of that prayer has far reaching effects. In light of this enormous significance (even power) that God has given us each individually to cause changes in the world by our lives, please share a few sentences in your journal about "significant insignificance" and how God calls us to live in such a vast creation.

4. Read Psalm 4, highlighting words or phrases that touch your heart or mind.

5. Maintain your Journal reflecting on the Psalm.

ABOUT THE JOURNAL: Topics for journals are for you and God to figure out. What is one main idea in the reading for the week that captured your attention? How did it connect with your life as disciple? How is the Holy Spirit being like yeast in your life as you make space for God?

The hope for your weekly journal is to build a habit of reflecting prayerfully on your life in conversation with scripture and your world.

Week 8 - Summer

1.Watch Piper, a Pixar short film (6 minutes).

2.  Listen to "The Wood Song" by Emily Saliers. Emily Saliers, best known as one of the Indigo Girls, is the daughter of United Methodist pastor and theologian Don Saliers, and has authored a book with her father on music as a spiritual practice. Lyrics.

3. Read Psalm 44, marking the words and phrases that speak to you. Both the song and the film are hopeful in how they view waves and storms, but the psalmist is crushed and lamenting.

4.Take a walk and pray for your neighbors, for reconciliation and deeper community. 

5. Write in your Journal. Reflect on these questions: What is your wave ("Piper") or storm ("The Wood Song") that you are trusting God to get you through? How does the psalmist, even in his lament, express his trust in God?

6. Remember: Let go of last week and all that you were not able to do. This is a new week and God is here to meet you in this moment.

Week 6 - June 12

1. Listen to "Deliver Us" from The Prince of Egypt. Lyrics.

2. Read Psalm 44, marking the words and phrases that speak to you. 

3. Now, listen to Michelle Pfeiffer and Sarah Dworsky's "When You Believe," from The Prince of Egypt. This song is just as they are about to go through the Red Sea.  

4. Share/Journal a way that God has brought you through a Red Sea. 

5. Spend time in gratitude for moments of deliverance - Journal as the Holy Spirit moves you.