Sunday Morning Seminar

Adult Sunday Morning Seminar is a series of refined classes that are offered on most Sunday mornings, September through May, starting at 8:30 a.m. at the Parish House (65 South Street, Morristown). For more info contact Alexandra Mead, Director of Christian Education.

Be sure to stop by our Smart World Coffee kiosk before the seminar!

April 28

Dr. Chris Crean discusses, How We Begin to Fix Healthcare Even with more than a year and a half until our next presidential election, it is clear the issue of health care will dominate the upcoming debate in our political arena.In this session, we will realistically discuss the roles private insurance, the government, and big pharma play in our current health care systems. Following this we will move on to what Medicare for all/socialized medicine really means and what it would look like if implemented. Come learn from someone who deals with these issues every day so you may be more prepared to enter the debate.

Christopher Crean, M.D. is Vice Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at RWJBarnabas Somerset Hospital in Somerville, NJ. He graduated from Georgetown University Medical School and has worked at several academic and community hospitals. Chris and his family are active members of PCM.

March 24, 31, and April 7

Stephen Moore, How Our New Testament Came to Be  These three sessions will provide an overview of the four-hundred year process that resulted in the 27 books being selected from a much larger body of early Christian literature and formally canonized into our New Testament. 

Stephen Moore is Professor of New Testament Studies at Drew Theological School. A native of Ireland, he received a PhD in New Testament from Trinity College, University of Dublin. He has taught at Trinity College, Yale Divinity School and the University of Sheffield. He has written over 50 scholarly publications including 11 books, and he was one of the editors of the widely acclaimed A New New Testament, published in 2013 which provided access to modern translations of many of these non-canonical writings for the first time.

March 17

George Marriner Maull, Beethoven’s 9th -The Last 10 Minutes                                                                                     The Chancel Choir will be performing a special Celebration Concert featuring Beethoven's 9thSymphony on Sunday, April 28.

Come to this pre-concert lecture by eminent classical music educator and conductor George Marriner Maull! By focusing on Beethoven’s unique manipulation of the elements of music, the session in guided listening will help you viscerally appreciate how he created some of the most original and moving choral writing ever composed to conclude his ninth and final symphony.