Green Faith - PCM is Going Green!

In 2013, Session approved a Green initiative for PCM with a plan for GreenFaith certification. We created a Green Team and joined other Morristown churches in becoming green by changing the habits of our church as a whole and our members as individuals. God has given us this beautiful earth, and we must all join together to preserve and protect the world and its people.

What is GreenFaith certification?

An environmental leadership program for houses of worship, GreenFaith provides extensive resources, one-on-one coaching, support and networking opportunities to help with holistic and successful environmental programming. Institutions must offer eco-themed worship services, incorporate environmental themes into education, offer interfaith and inter-generational events, "green" their building operations, and advocate environmental justice.

As we move forward upgrading and renovating church buildings, we want to be as environmentally conscious as possible. How can we conserve energy, save money in the long run and have the results we want? That is what Being Green is all about.

Everyone is invited to join the Green Team as we implement this Green initiative. 

Electronics Recycling

Sunday, April 23, 2017
8:15-10:00am and 11am-12pm
Parish House Parking Lot

Load your car with outdated/unused/non-working electronic equipment: phones, copiers, (small!) kitchen appliances, radios, computers, etc.

Drive through the Parish House parking lot and look for the PCM church van. Someone will be waiting to unload your car for you! All items will be brought to GreenVision to be properly disposed of or recycled.

Contact: Tom  Guthrie

Whippany River Clean-Up

April Saturday
8:30am - Noon
Bethel AME Church, 59 Spring Street, Morristown, NJ

Every Spring, the Whippany River Watershed Action Committee leads a Whippany River Clean Up Day just down the hill from PCM, behind the Bethel AME Church. Volunteers of all ages from local churches and the community are invited to participate. Please bring gloves, boots, layered clothing. 

Contact: Bev

Everyday Green Tips

Energy: The average home spends about $2,000 on energy bills every year. By changing to appliances that have earned the Energy Star, you can save $75 a year in energy costs. Energy Star rated appliances use 10- 50% less energy and water than standard models over their lifetime, making a big difference for the environment and your budget.