Foundation for Peace Mission to Haiti and the DR

Periodically, members of PCM go to the Dominican Republic (DR) and Haiti with the Foundation for Peace (FFP). We began by constructing a church and school near Santo Domingo in a community called Zumbon (see Building Pews).

We are also working on the border of the DR and Haiti, constructing a school in Pedernales, DR and a church across the border in Anse-a-pitre, Haiti. 

Contact: Ken Culver 

Mission to DR January 2016

PCM members are going to the Dominican Republic for 10 days where we will join FFP working hand-in-hand with our Dominican brothers and sisters building quality relationships, growing in faith, and helping empower a community through education, improved infrastructure and basic medical care. 

Contact: Sarah Green, Associate Pastor

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Building Pews for a Small Church in the DR

In 2007, PCM joined with FFP to rebuild a little church in the DR village of Zumbon. Upon returning to Morristown, Bob and Jan Harris recalled the church's unstable, splintered old pews and how sad for our brothers and sisters in Christ to have to sit on them. So they gathered fine wood and recruited skilled carpenters from PCM's beloved AAA group to create blessed new pews shown in the photos below.

The new Zumbon church was dedicated with a new school and medical clinic to follow. This little church has become a beacon of hope for the whole community!