Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA)

PDA is PC(USA)'s disaster response and refugee program. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, the PDA works with partners around the globe to support those impacted by natural or human-caused disasters.


Our mission is to care for families and communities impacted by disasters, and to help them achieve long-term physical, psychological and spiritual recovery as a witness to the healing love of Christ.


PDA is funded by gifts to the church’s One Great Hour of Sharing offering and designated gifts. We annually respond to at least 20 U.S disasters and 30 international disasters. PDA does not receive any federal funds.

PDA is a member of ACT Alliance, Interaction and National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (NVOAD). We adhere to the International Red Cross Code of Conduct, and do not discriminate based on ethnicity, religion or political opinion; we do not seek to promote any particular religious or political viewpoints.

PDA works nationally through its local judicatories (presbyteries and synods). A specialized volunteer disaster team provides consultation and assistance as these regional offices design the local response and build relationships within their bounds. 

Internationally, PDA works through local partners, including Presbyterian and Reformed partner churches, ecumenical partners, and other faith-based or non-governmental indigenous organizations. 


Church World Service (CWS)

Founded in 1946, Church World Service (CWS) is a faith-based organization transforming communities around the globe through just and sustainable responses to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster.

In partnership with Church World Service, we plan to put together hygiene and clean-up kits - small packages of supplies that can be shipped to families and communities in need around the world.

Hygiene kits include a small hand towel, a wash cloth, a wide-tooth comb, a nail clipper, a bar of soap, a toothbrush and ten Band-Aids. Typically, the cost of a hygiene kit is about $15.

Bucket kits include most of the things needed to clean up after a hurricane or other disaster – scouring pads, scrubbing brushes, laundry detergent, dish soap, dust masks and trash bags, etc. A complete list can be found here.

Shipping of the kits to their final destination is expensive. Costs include renting space on trucks, boats and planes, paying for gas, for the insurance of each shipment and for other delivery fees. We ask that you help cover a small amount of this cost

Donations of supplies can be left in the bin labeled Outreach-Disaster Assistance in the Parish House: checks should be made payable to Presbyterian Church in Morristown with “Disaster Assistance” in the memo line.

For further information contact Mary Albright.