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As a lifelong member of the church, I always enjoyed services held in the chapel. For the wedding, the chapel‘s
intimate, simple and authentic feel was perfect for us.
The December grey weather outside contrasted with the warmth inside the chapel. Pastor Cindy’s message of love and commitment combined with the chapel decorations of wreathes, candles,
poinsettias, and beautiful music made the perfect Christmastime wedding.  With Nial’s Irish heritage, we incorporated the Celtic Loving Cup Ceremony and drank for the love we shared in the past, the present and the future. We felt blessed and supported in our marriage by the church, family and friends. Even now, church members congratulate us after reading about our wedding in the Tower Tidings. - Linda and Nial

Being married at the church… what can I say? It was simply magical. We chose the church because it was beautiful, of course, and silly as it sounds – the location was spot on, but there was something else. A feeling you get when you are inside. An element that can’t be described, but was tangible nonetheless. Perhaps it’s the 200+ year history of the church, or the friendly congregation or the down-to-earth demeanor of Dr. Smazik or the genuine warmth behind Cindy Alloway’s hugs. Probably it’s all these things.
Standing inside the sanctuary, before God and with my friends and family behind me, wishing me well during the most overwhelming event in my life up to that point filled me with a feeling of such reverence.

The pre-wedding meetings with Dr. Smazik were awesome. He calmed our fears, answered our questions and imparted advice that I’ve used already in my 4 month old marriage.

Without planning it or even intending to, we found ourselves joining. We had a great relationship before we stumbled upon the Presbyterian Church in Morristown, but realized it was exactly what our relationship was missing. And we would not have discovered that if it hadn’t been for the easygoing and welcoming nature of the congregation.

After the wedding, I asked the guests what their favorite part of the day was and almost all of them said the ceremony. Of course it was. The reception, while fun, was – let’s be honest – a party. When we started planning the wedding, we wanted something simple and elegant, yes, but we were more interested in creating the foundation for a strong marriage.
The church was perfect. It fit our needs perfectly. It still does.  - Nikki and Chris

There has never been any question that I would be married at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown. Growing up in the church's music and youth programs, I have so many memories of music and worship in the sanctuary. Many weddings are held in the chapel of the church, but having the ceremony in the sanctuary allowed me enough space to invite all the members of the church family to join in the celebration.

My husband, Carlos, began attending church with me about 6 months before we were engaged, and the church community welcomed him with open arms. Carlos, originally from Colombia, had family who spoke only Spanish at the ceremony. The church was very accommodating in the wedding planning process to allow the bulletin to be translated into Spanish. I have never felt more supported as when I was walking down the aisle with my parents and seeing all the faces of the people I love, and I felt confident that the wedding ceremony would be accessible to all of our guests.

Meeting with Reverend Smazik in the pre-planning stages leading up to the wedding was very intimate and personalized. We felt that our meetings were tailored to our own relationship, and that we were seen as both individuals and as a couple. We even wished that we had more meetings with Reverend Smazik before the big day - three sessions seemed to go by so quickly! In the end, we were able to go over the ceremony format on our own and with Revered Smazik to ensure that we were pleased with the scriptures and prayers. - Elise

For as long as I can remember, the church has been played an integral part of my life. From baptism, to Sunday School and confirmation, to Bel Melodia,
Bel Canto, Canzonetta, and
Ringers on the Green, to Koinonia, service projects, the InterFaith Food Pantry,
and RISE, the moments spent at the Presbyterian Church have literally defined who I am both as a woman and a child of God. So when I got engaged, there was absolutely no question where we would make such a sacred promise to one another: the very same place that I grew up-
our church.

While I had always loved the chapel because of its warm and intimate setting and had even imagined walking down the center aisle one day, my connection with the chapel grew after regularly attending the Sunday evening Contemporary Worship Service. Weekly, this service deepened my faith and the love of our church because I actually experienced the transformational power of God sitting in the candlelight space of the chapel. It was incredible that even though I had attended church every week throughout my entire life, it was during my Sunday evenings in the chapel that I was truly awakened to the deep and awesome power of God.

With that said, making the decision to get married in the chapel last March is one that was representative not only of the commitment I was making to my husband, but also OUR commitment as a couple vowing to be rooted in faith together. - Lauren