Children's Music 

JAM (Joy and Music)    

Ages 4 (preK) to 5 (preK) meet Thursdays from 1-1:30pm to have fun with music using voices, bodies, instruments and games. Registration for 2016-17.

Bel Melodia/Bel Canto

Grades K-5 meet Wednesdays during Midweek from 4:15-6:00pm for vocal/bell choir rehearsal and a time of fun and devotion. Afterwards, there is an optional Family Dinner with parents. The Bel Melodia Singers and Ringers (K-2) rehearse from 4:30-5:05pm. The Bel Canto Singers and Ringers (grades 3-5) rehearse from 5:05- 6:00pm.

Each Bel choir leads worship 2 to 3 Sunday mornings a year. They join with all choirs on Easter and Thanksgiving Festival Sunday. They lead the Christmas Eve family service and present a musical as the service of worship in February. Registration.

Bel Melodia/Bel Canto 

Summer Schedule

We're off for the summer.  See you in September.  

First rehearsal-Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sundays at a Glance

2016-2017 Calendar

JAM Summer Schedule 

We're off for the summer

JAM starts back up Thursday, October 12, 2017.

2016-17 Calendar

Contact: Julie Ramseyer, Director of Children's Music

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