Middle School Music

Tower Ringers 

The Tower Ringers handbell choir for grades 6-8 rehearse Wednesdays from 6:00-6:30 pm at the Parish House after the midweek youth program.   
Director: Julie Ramseyer, Children's Music       


Our Middle School Singers join with High School vocalists to make up our newest choir. They help lead worship, participate in the Family Christmas Eve service and help lead the Carol Sing.


March Schedule 

Sun, Mar 4      Lead worship   9:00, Church

Wed, Mar 7     Rehearsals       Parish house

Wed,  Mar 14  Rehearsals       Parish house

Wed, Mar 21   Rehearsals       Parish house

Wed, Mar 25   Palm Sunday    9:50/chapel

Wed, Mar 28   Rehearsals        Church


2017-18 Annual Calendar  
Sundays at a Glance