stewardship 2021

Stewardship 2021:

Our Children. Our Community. Our Commitment.

Current Updates

Weekly letters and progress updates on the way!

2021 Stewardship Calendar

  • September 3
    • PCM Leadership Commitment
  • October 11
    • 2021 Stewardship Campaign Kickoff
    • Nursery School, Pre-School Advantage, Young Families Group
  • October 18
    • K – Grade 2, MAP, Bel Melodia
    • Affinity Group Zoom Meetings
  • October 25
    • Grades 3 – 5, Bel Canto, Table of Hope, 3rd Grade Bible
  • November 1
    • Middle / High School Youth Sunday, COGIC Afterschool Program
  • November 8
    • College and Young Professionals, Alumni kids
  • November 15
    • Consecration Sunday
  • November 29
    • Stewardship Campaign Update and Recap

Affinity Groups

Definition:  A group of people linked by common interests or purpose.

At PCM, we have one common purpose:  To serve God and we serve Him in many ways – through education, music, service to each other and the community.

We will hold Affinity Group Zoom Meetings led by church and congregational leaders on Sunday, October 18 from 5 to 6 pm:

  • Infant to 5th Grader Parents
  • Middle School and High School Students and Parents
  • Music — Choirs, Ringers and Music Appreciators
  • Outreach
  • Adult Groups

Group Leaders will discuss vision, plans and programs. Stewardship team will outline goals and campaign activities, opportunity to ask questions.

2021 Stewardship Program Overview

Stewardship Campaign: $900,000:

  • Will Help Fund our Church Programs
  • Consistent with last year’s goal but less than PCM total $1.6 Million 2020 budgeted spend
  • Shortfall covered primarily by Endowment withdrawals and outside revenues

Community Matching Gift Program: $45,000 + Lead Donor match = $90,000

  • Will provide 50 Scholarships to Summer Plus program
  • Administered through Morris Educational Foundation and Morris School District
  • To date, lead donors have given $23,600; non-member has committed $10,000
  • Open to all Morris-area students

Community Matching Gift contribution is over and above PCM Pledge and is not intended to take away from it – we need both!

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