stewardship 2021


It’s not too late to pledge or give!

Program Overview

Stewardship Campaign: $900,000:

  • Will Help Fund our Church Programs
  • Consistent with last year’s goal but less than PCM total $1.6 Million 2020 budgeted spend
  • Shortfall covered primarily by Endowment withdrawals and outside revenues

Community Matching Gift Program: $45,000 + Lead Donor match = $90,000

  • Will provide 50 Scholarships to Summer Plus program
  • Administered through Morris Educational Foundation and Morris School District
  • To date, lead donors have committed $45,000; non-member has committed $10,000
  • Open to all Morris-area students
Community Matching Gift contribution is over and above PCM Pledge and is not intended to take away from it – we need both!

Submitting Your Stewardship Pledge

Making your 2021 Pledge is easy and can be done online!

Current Updates

Congregational Letter From Stewardship Committee


Dear Members and Friends of The Presbyterian Church in Morristown,

Our Church is a beacon of Christ’s love and grace for all. Thanks be to God for our many gifts and blessings! Now it’s time to show our support!

Our Stewardship theme this year is: Our Children. Our Community. Our Commitment.

Our Children

Psalm 100: 5 “For the Lord is good; His steadfast love endures forever, and His faithfulness to all generations.”

The Parish House halls are echoing with giggling and laughter once again! The Nursery School is open. Children’s programs are running and growing in numbers each week. Parents are delighted to have their children happy and involved in a safe, interactive environment. Word is out — and their friends are now coming!

Our Community

Proverbs 22:9 “Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor.”

This year, our Outreach programs extend further. We have an opportunity to support deserving children with scholarships to attend outstanding summer education programs. These programs boost children’s academic confidence and assure working parents their child is in a safe and healthy environment. Help us reach our goal of $90,000 — we’ve raised over $50,000 so far!

Our Commitment

Luke 6:38 “Give and it will be given to you … the measure you give will be the measure you get back.”

The PCM family has always given willingly and abundantly. We are a bedrock institution of faith, hope and worship for our church family, the Morris-area community and beyond. In this challenging year, our children, our church and our community need your support more than ever!

You should have received two cards in the mail.

One is the PCM Stewardship annual pledge. Our financial goal is $900,000. Please consider increasing your pledge! Then, reflect on your Children’s Summer Program Scholarship contribution. Please prayerfully consider your commitments, fill in your amounts and mail the cards back to the Parish House in the envelope provided.

Make your own “I Pledged!” Video for Consecration Sunday

Bringing our pledge cards to the front of the sanctuary on Consecration Sunday, Nov. 15 won’t be possible. This year, we ask you to make a brief but equally powerful video that simply says “I pledged!” while holding your cards. To shoot your video – use your phone, holding it horizontally. E-mail it to Bruce Frazier () by Nov. 10. If you need help, contact a Stewardship Member.

Make your commitment today, send in your cards, and Praise God!

The Stewardship Committee: Craig Dodd, Walt Fleischer, Beth Fisher, Alexandra Mead, Bruce Fisher, and Bill San Filippo.


Dear Members and Friends of Presbyterian Church in Morristown,

PCM is alive and thriving! Online activities have flourished—thanks to our creative and capable staff. 43 youngsters participated in Vacation Bible School. The Nursery School, Midweek and Youth Groups are up and running with gusto. Our kids and parents are delighted! Your Stewardship pledges and contributions make all our programs possible!

Our stewardship theme this year is: “Our Children. Our Community. Our Commitment.”

We nurture our children through every step of their lives providing a strong foundation of Christian faith. And we continue with adult education and service to our seniors. Through all these programs, God shapes us as His children. And now more than ever, we need you, our PCM family,
to pledge your support.

What more can we do? Two Ways to ensure a promising future:

  1. Pledge to our church goal of $900,000. We had pledges of $858,000 last year —we feel we can do it plus a little more! We are honored to announce that every current Elder and Deacon have pledged to the 2021 campaign.
  2. Matching Gift Contribution to our children in the community. PCM is providing scholarships to deserving children to attend Summer programs. Our goal is to raise $90,000. Many PCM families have sent their children to these programs and give them rave reviews.

What can I do now?

  • Read Tower Tidings
  • Listen/attend 6 Stewardship Sundays – October 11 thru November 15 (Consecration Sunday)
  • Attend an Affinity Zoom meeting on Sunday, October 18, from 5-6PM
  • Pray for guidance and direction
  • Give thanks for our caring staff, our dedicated leaders and our compassionate congregation

You will receive two cards this year. One for your 2021 Pledge to the church goal of $900,000 and one for your contribution to the Children Summer Programs.

If you haven’t pledged before, please consider starting now. If you have pledged in the past, we hope you maintain or increase your pledge. Once you decide on your PCM pledge, please consider contributing to the Community Summer Children programs.

Our church is a living, thriving beacon of Christ’s love and grace for all. Thanks be to God for our many gifts and blessings.

In Christ,
Craig Dodd, Walt Fleischer, Beth Fisher, Alexandra Mead, Bruce Fisher, and Bill San Filippo


  • September 3
    • PCM Leadership Commitment
  • October 11
    • 2021 Stewardship Campaign Kickoff
    • Nursery School, Pre-School Advantage, Young Families Group
  • October 18
    • K – Grade 2, MAP, Bel Melodia
    • Affinity Group Zoom Meetings
  • October 25
    • Grades 3 – 5, Bel Canto, Table of Hope, 3rd Grade Bible
  • November 1
    • Middle / High School Youth Sunday, COGIC Afterschool Program
  • November 8
    • College and Young Professionals, Alumni kids
  • November 15
    • Consecration Sunday
  • November 29
    • Stewardship Campaign Update and Recap

Affinity Groups

Definition:  A group of people linked by common interests or purpose.

At PCM, we have one common purpose:  To serve God and we serve Him in many ways – through education, music, service to each other and the community.

We will hold Affinity Group Zoom Meetings led by church and congregational leaders. To learn more about attending, contact any member of the Stewardship Committee.

  • Infant to 5th Grader Parents
  • Middle School and High School Students and Parents
  • Music — Choirs, Ringers and Music Appreciators
  • Outreach
  • Adult Groups

Group Leaders will discuss vision, plans and programs. Stewardship team will outline goals and campaign activities, opportunity to ask questions.

Craig Dodd, Walt Fleischer, Beth Fisher, Alexandra Mead, Bruce Fisher, and Bill San Filippo

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