8 am Chapel Communion / 10 am Sanctuary Worship

Adult Christian Education

For those seeking a deeper understanding of relevant issues from today and yester-year.

Director: Alexandra Mead
Committee Chair: Steve Hess

October 6: Dominican Republic Mission Team, More Than Construction

Over the last three years, teams of volunteers from the Presbyterian Church in Morristown have ventured to the Dominican Republic for mission trips. Many of the participants have returned multiple times because of the powerful experiences they had and the compelling opportunity to serve there. In this session Betty and Julia Darcy, Carolyn Crosthwaite, and Vern Verhoef will be joined by rookie Dominican team worker Cali Woods to share their experiences and discuss their vision for PCM's future relationship with the people of the Dominican Republic.

October 13: Rev. Linda Gaden, Seeing God in the Everyday Moments

What is it that keeps us from recognizing or seeing God in the everyday, everywhere moments of our lives? We take so much for granted in our lives. How can we make God the life sustaining habit of our lives as we continually engage with God? Where might we seek and experience God’s presence (and pleasure) in the most ordinary and mundane things of life? In this session we will contemplate God’s presence in the everyday comings and goings of our lives. You’ll be surprised at the small changes we can make in our lives to make God our life’s sustaining habit. Linda Gaden has been a member of PCM for over 30 years. She is a recent graduation of the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary and is currently serving as Pastoral Assistant at PCM. She has served in several area Presbyterian churches as a Commissioned Lay Pastor, and she served as chaplain of Broadway House for Continuing Care in Newark. Linda is a former nurse where she worked oncology, medical-surgical, infectious diseases and has cared for those suffering with HIV/AIDS.

October 27 and November 3: Rev. Dr. David Lawrence, From Egypt to the Promised Land, The Wilderness Sojourn

Why did it take the people of Israel so long to reach the Promised Land and claim it as their own, after they were freed from enslavement in Egypt? The Hebrew Bible devotes many chapters in the end of Exodus and the beginning of the Book of Numbers to this lengthy sojourn in the wilderness. Dr. Avivah Zornberg’s commentary on the Hebrew Bible calls the travel from Mount Sinai to the land of Canaan “a forty year death march” and “a great failure,” filled with much complaint and distrust, as well as great resentment toward the wisdom and care of God. In two sessions, on October 27 and November 4, we will examine the narrative contained in the Book of Numbers, often overlooked by today’s Christian community, thinking about the wilderness experience and what we can discover about trusting God and faithful living in the face of deep adversity in our own lives.

November 10 & 17: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Europe and the US, Dr. Brid Nicholson

In the first session Dr. Nicholson will explore the complicated religious and political history of Iran and Saudi Arabia, including European involvement in the 20th centiry in it's pursuit of oil resources. In the second session we'll look at the rising tensions in the Middle East, and try to understnad why Europe and the US appear to be taking significantly different positions.

Dr. Nicholson received her Ph.D. from Drew University and is Associate Professor of History at Kean University where she also serves as Director of the Holocaust nad Genocide Program and Jewish Studies Program. She received the Presidential Excellence Award for Distinguished Scholarship at Kean in 2010. The child of an American diplomat, she spent much of her childhood in the Middle East.

December 8: Why I Celebrate Chanukkah and Christmas, Diann Parkas

Diann grew up in a Jewish home, had a traditional Bat Mitzvah, and she became a Jewish believer in Jesus over 30 years ago. Diann will share how following Jesus as the Messiah is a natural outgrowth of her traditional faith for her and other members of her religious community.

Diann earned a Master of Arts degree from NYU and is currently enrolled in a PhD program of Biblical Studies at Antioch Baptist Bible Seminary. She was a dancer before her religious conversion and has continued to use dance to convey her faith.

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The Presbyterian Church Nursery School (PCNS)

Director: Jeanne Mueller
Committee Chair: Vicky Willson

Programs & Events:


The primary goal of our Nursery is to serve children and families by offering a nurturing and stimulating atmosphere for young children. We offer the children an opportunity for emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development in a Christian environment.
We accept ages 2.5 to 5 years.
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New this school year, an after school class sponsored by Little Hearts Yoga for 4 year olds that helps build self-esteem, focus and self-confidence in our young students. Children learn various poses and techniques to help build healthy minds and bodies.


An after school class sponsored by Wee Little Arts for 3 and 4 year olds. Wee Little Arts develops fine motor skills, self-expression, self-confidence and focus for young artists.

Educational Garden

A program sponsored by Grow It Green Morristown geared for 4 year olds. Children stay after school on Wednesdays to learn about gardening, healthy nutritional choices and environmental science.

Lunch Bunch

An optional program for 2 and 3 year olds to extend their day at school until 1:00. From 11:30 to 1:00, children eat lunch with their peers, play outside and have additional story time and group play.

Monday Club

An optional program for 4 year olds and is geared for families that would like a 5th day of school for their pre-k child. It runs from 9:00am-1:00pm all school year. This class prepares children for kindergarten with a focus on different topics than our regular curriculum. Creative learning is enhanced by group activities, stimulating themes, and field trips to local places in Morristown.

Youth & Young Adult

For students and young professionals who want to connect, grow, and honor God.

Director: Rev. Hayley O’Connor
Committee Chair: Ken Clark | krclark11@aol.com

Programs & Events:

  • Acolyte Training
  • Children’s Choir
  • Chili Cook Off Fundraiser
  • College Care Packages
  • Confirmation
  • Johnsonburg Retreat
  • PCUSA Triennium Youth Conference
  • Ringers on the Green
  • RISE Mission Trip for High School Students
  • Vacation Bible School Ambassador Program
  • Weekly Middle & High School Youth Meetings
  • Young Professionals Weekly Bible Study
  • Youth Works Mission Trip for Middle School Students

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