Confirmation 2022/2023

Let’s Get Started

Our faith in Jesus Christ began when we were young. Our faith began when we were baptized as a response to the love and grace of God. Our faith was cultivated every time we came to church, asked a hard question in Sunday School, or tried to figure out how the world worked in elementary and middle school. Now is the time when we attempt to put it all together.

Confirmation is the process by which we affirm and publicly profess our faith in Jesus Christ. Confirmation is by no means the destination of our faith, but the very beginning of the journey that we have with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The confirmation program at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown has four components: education, service, worship, and mentorship. I’m excited to be a small part of your faith journey. I can’t wait to see where God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit leads you through our time together in confirmation. Grace and Peace!

Patrick Allred,

2022/2023 Confirmation Program Schedule

Classes will meet at 5:45 in the Parish House Conference Room.

  • Oct. 2 – Confirmation Kickoff and Presbyterian 101
  • Oct. 16 – Class: Overview of the New Testament
  • Oct. 30 – Class: Overview of the Old Testament
  • Nov. 20 – Class: The Holy Trinity – God as Creator
  • Dec. 11 – Class: The Holy Trinity – Jesus as Savior
  • Jan 8 – Class: The Holy Trinity – The Connecting Spirit
  • Jan 22 – Class: What Does it Mean to Share Christ’s Love?***
  • Feb. 5 – Class: Sin, Grace, and Atonement.
  • Feb. 19 – Class: What is Prayer?
  • Mar. 5 – Mentor Meetings in March!
  • Mar. 19 – Mentor Meetings in March!
  • Apr. 2 – Class: What is Communion?
  • Apr. 16 – Class: How to Write an Affirmation of Faith
  • Apr. 30 – Affirmations of Faith Due!
  • May 6 – Confirmation Dinner Celebration. 6:00 PM.
  • May 7 – Confirmation Sunday in Worship

Dates to be determined

  • Group Service Project – Will be determined by the class over the course of confirmation.
  • Confirmand and Mentorship Meetings – Will be scheduled between Confirmand and Mentor.
  • Halfway Point of Confirmation – Confirmands should have around 7-8 worship notes, 3 volunteering dates, 8 mentoring sessions, and all class notes completed up to this point.