8 am Chapel Communion / 10 am Sanctuary Worship


The ministry of the Board of Deacons is one of compassion, witness, service, and sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for the poor, the hungry, the sick, or anyone in distress. Our deacons, who serve a three year term, work with the staff to provide pastoral care and outreach to members who are homebound or have other needs that call for special attention.

Moderators: Carol Allison, Linda McCabe

  • Carol Allison

    Carol Allison

  • Amy Craig

    Amy Craig

  • Jeff Cramer

    Jeff Cramer

  • France Delle Donne

    France Delle Donne

  • Jenny Fleischer

    Jenny Fleischer

  • Carol Gilbert

    Carol Gilbert

  • Kevin Graf

    Kevin Graf

  • Diana Gulick

    Diana Gulick

  • Tom Guthrie

    Tom Guthrie

  • Linda McCabe

    Linda McCabe

  • Richard Schwartz

    Richard Schwartz

  • Ray Stark

    Ray Stark

  • Shelley Trautman

    Shelley Trautman

  • Nan Verhoef

    Nan Verhoef

  • Jane Whitehead

    Jane Whitehead

  • Pam Wood

    Pam Wood

  • Michele Yampolsky

    Michele Yampolsky


    An Elder is a lay person charged with serving as an administrator or ordained to an office. Elders may also serve in preaching or pastoral roles.


    An important part of Presbyterian tradition is to provide persons with particular gifts to share in discernment of God's Spirit and governance of God's people. The Session is comprised of those called into this ministry and elected as elders. Together with the pastors, the session governs the church, providing leadership, spiritual discernment and guidance.

    Clerk of Session: Wendy Doidge
    Treasurer: Karen May
    Assistant Treasurer: Bruce Smith

    • Ken Clark

      Ken Clark

    • David Darcy

      David Darcy

    • Kevin DelleDonne

      Kevin DelleDonne

    • Jose De Los Santos

      Jose De Los Santos

    • Cheryl Maginley

      Cheryl Maginley

    • Sheldon Rajkumar

      Sheldon Rajkumar

    • Kevin Redgate

      Kevin Redgate

    • Wayne Rush

      Wayne Rush

    • William SanFilippo

      William SanFilippo

    • Jenny Tooley

      Jenny Tooley

    • Sue Wood

      Sue Wood

    • Christopher Cotnoir

      Christopher Cotnoir

    • Beverly Tignor

      Beverly Tignor

    • Mickey McDonnell

      Mickey McDonnell

    • James Kutsch

      James Kutsch

    • Caroline Godfrey

      Caroline Godfrey

    • Gregory Hummer

      Gregory Hummer