Local Outreach

Some in-person activities are on hold due to Covid-19.  Please email the person listed as the contact for the organization for the most current information regarding volunteering and donations.

Jan’s Closet Clothing Bank

Presbyterian Women operates a clothing bank in the basement of the PCM Parish House at 65 South Street in Morristown. In-season clothing in good condition is collected and distributed to people who visit the clothing bank during scheduled hours on Tuesday mornings.

Contact: Susan Palmer

Morris Afterschool Program (MAP)

The Morris After School Program (MAP) starts in October with first graders from the Morris District Elementary Schools and continues through May. On Monday afternoon , when the schools are in session, the children are brought by school bus to our Parish House. Sessions run from 3:30 to 6:15 pm. The following year we tutor second graders to provide an opportunity for the children to be tutored by us for two years. Each child receives a grade one and grade two skill books for use during the summer months.

The highlight of the afternoon sessions is an hour of tutoring in reading and math with an adult. A group story, creative crafts, music (both vocal and instrumental), and exercise are regularly provided during activity time. We also offer a light sit -down supper.

Contact: Jan Dougherty

In-Reach Day

PCM volunteers perform services for those within our congregation who have difficulty performing them for themselves. Typical tasks include cleaning up yard waste and washing windows. The project is scheduled on a fall Saturday; chores are finished by noon. In-Reach Day is run by the Board of Deacons.  Volunteers and homeowners needing assistance can contact Jeff Cramer. 

Contact: Jeff Cramer



Our church is one of 30 congregations that serve and provide food, assisted by community volunteers, students and corporate teams. Volunteer by cooking for or serving lunch to 150-200 guests. Servers work from 10 am to 1:30 pm on the fourth Thursday of every month at Church of the Redeemer in Morristown.

Contact: Marnie Kaller, Vicky Willson

Table of Hope

Groups of four to five PCM members serve dinner two or three times per month on the 1st Tuesday and the 4th and 5th Thursdays. Servers work from 5:15-7:00 pm at the Bethel Church of Morristown on Spring St. Volunteers can sign up individually to help cook and/or serve. You can create, check or change your schedule, by going to springstreetcdc.org  and clicking on VOLUNTEER LOG IN. 

Contact: Donna Tomlinson

Interfaith Food Pantry


The Interfaith Food Pantry distributes food to those in Morris County who cannot afford to purchase food themselves. PCM has an on-going food collection as well as special food drives twice a year. Currently, donations may be dropped off in an orange bin at the Interfaith Food Pantry, Morris Plains location: 2 Executive Drive on Monday-Friday, from 9:30am-4:30pm. 

Contacts: Mary Albright, Donna Tomlinson

Homeless Solutions


Founded in 1983 with PCM to provide beds and meals to Morristown’s homeless population, Homeless Solutions has grown to a county-wide organization that operates a homeless shelter for families and individuals. Their slogan, “A Hand Up, Not a Hand Out” encapsulates their vision for their work with the homeless and the working poor in our community.  Homeless Solutions has an outstanding Transitional Housing Program to help the formerly homeless develop the skills to find employment, housing, and to manage their finances so they can become stable and self-supporting.  Working to address the disparity between rising housing costs and stagnant wages, Homeless Solutions Inc. builds new housing units to offer more safe, affordable housing options. They operate a Safe Haven for the mentally ill. The Mount Kemble Women’s Home is now operated by Homeless Solutions for senior women who find themselves unable to afford housing.  The organization has a professional staff bolstered by many volunteers; contact them through their website for opportunities to cook meals, entertain children, or donate money in support of their many programs.

Contact: Janet Foster

Diversity Day


Diversity Day is an annual summer event to celebrate the diverse cultural, religious, and ethnic gifts of our neighbors. Diversity Day is organized by the Diversity Coalition of Morris County (DCMC), a non-political coalition of faith-based and other organizations in the greater Morris County area. The DCMC organizations share the common belief that all people should be treated with dignity, respect, and understanding.

Contact: Bev Tignor

Undoing Racism

For the past several years, members of our congregation have been engaged with Rendall Memorial Presbyterian Church in an Undoing Racism project. These efforts echo the growing national conversation within our denomination and beyond about the scourge of systemic racism in our country.

Contact: Vern Verhoef

Market Street Mission


Founded by our church over 100 years ago, the mission is a residential treatment center for alcoholic and homeless men. It provides a 90-day rehabilitation program for alcoholics. Our church conducts a coat drive for the Market Street Mission every October.

Contact: Karen Griffith

Operation Love

Operation Love is an outreach program started by Jean Johnson and supported through The Church of God in Christ. PCM has supported Operation Love with Christmas gifts and volunteers’ time over the past 30 years.

Contact: Karen Griffith