online groups

Looking for Online Groups?

Here are the online groups currently available. Check back frequently or sign up for churchmail to receive the latest news on groups, worship and additional ministry events.

Discussion and Support Groups

  • Sunday Morning Seminar
  • Young Professionals Group
  • Caregiver Support Group
  • Transitions: A New Journey -For those in career transition

Sunday Morning Seminar

Sundays at 9 AM. Next meeting to be announced.

Young Professionals Group

For ages 18-30. Meets at various times and locations.

Excited to meet with you all again. As always, feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who may be interested. See and talk to you all soon!

Contact Patrick to learn more or join.

Youth Groups

  • Parents and students in the youth ministry can join our Band for daily posts. Create a profile and join us.
  • Middle School Midweek. Wednesday at 4:15PM.
  • High School Youth Group. Sunday at 1:15PM.

Family Caregiver Support Group

Fridays at 1PM.

This group is geared toward supporting those who are currently caring for an ill loved one. To learn more or to join this group, contact Mary Dykstra or Pam Wood.

Transitions: A New Journey

Career Transitions Group

Has the pandemic left you furloughed, unemployed, or under-employed?  Are you ready for a new opportunity but not sure where to start in this economy?  

A support group for those in career transition.  The group combines both practical and emotional support to help you get through this challenging time.  Interested?