per capita

Connected by Per Capita

Presbyterians belong to a connectional church; one that is more effective because members of lots of congregations work together, rather than each church acting by itself. We work with 27 other Presbyterian congregations.

In 2021, PCM will pay $40 per church member to help Presbyterians work together. You make our connections stronger when you contribute your part. Designate per capita on a check in the plate or online.

Camp Johnsonburg

Each year over thirty youth from our church attend events at Camp Johnsonburg. All the Presbyterians of New Jersey own the J-burg Camp and Conference Center and per capita helps operate it.

Disaster Relief

When there is a disaster, the Presbyterian Church is one of the first groups to arrive with assistance. The structure that delivers the support comes from per capita paid by all Presbyterians.

Per capita financially supports the higher church councils: our presbytery (Newton), our synod (Northeast), and the PCUSA.  These levels of connectivity are one of the things that make Presbyterianism unique.  In a sense, per capita provides the glue that holds the Presbyterian Church together.  2021 per capita is $40/member.  Please remember to write “per capita” in the memo line or pay online.