Re-Entry Task Force

We are members of Session representing multiple committees, meeting regularly to organize and safely launch in-person worship at PCM.

Task Force Members: Christy Allison – Co-chair, Ken Clark – Co-chair, David Darcy, Wendy Doidge, Lisa Fraebel, Ed Halldorson, Kevin Hubbard, Jenny Tooley, and Susan Wood.

  • Our desire is to start live in-person worship as soon as possible, but not before the new Interim is in place
  • We expect to continue with our virtual, pre-recorded worship services as currently produced even after we begin in-person worship
  • Our goal is to have the structure and procedures for in-person worship defined and to the greatest extent possible, tested, so that in-person worship is “ready to go” when that Interim is available
  • Worship and Music will be working on defining the in-person worship service itself
  • Initially, in-person worship may not be offered every week, possibly starting off once a month or every other week
  • The Task Force, working with the recommendations of the Safety Committee, is currently working to define the procedures and protocols necessary to minimize the risk of in-person worship
  • We may conduct in-person viewing of the recorded worship service in the sanctuary, possibly during Advent, as an opportunity to test those procedures and protocols
  • Our “go live” plans will be presented to the Session for their approval
  • We will be communicating our plans and status to the congregation on at least a monthly basis via letter, email, website and “Moments for Mission”