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October 10 – November 14, 2021

Sunday, November 14, Consecration Sunday
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Presbyterian Church Nursery School (PCNS) Testimonials

The Stawski Family

Our three children have attended or are attending PCNS and it’s been such a wonderful experience for the whole family. Our two older daughters have graduated from PCNS and are doing well in elementary school, thanks to their preparation in nursery school. The school is a wonderful mix of academic learning and also social/emotional skills, as well as Bible studies, all taught in a very nurturing environment. Every single teacher we’ve had has been kind and treated our children like their own. Even during the year of covid, we felt our kids were carefully watched over and the organization and communication from the school was phenomenal. We are savoring our last couple of years with PCNS.

The Taylor Family

Our family has the best memories and friendships that were formed through our time at the Nursery School. My two children thrived in their program and their focus on social emotional learning and compassion have really helped shape who they are today in elementary school. The teachers and staff are so warm and welcoming and my children LOVED going to school each day, which was nice to see as a parent. I always appreciated the constant communication, fun enrichment programs, and family atmosphere that was created in this very special place. My heart will always belong to PCNS!

The Shea Family

My son, Colin Shea, attended preschool at PCNS for two years. He absolutely loved it. He came home with a smile on his face every day. We were brand-new to Morristown (and New Jersey!) when Colin first started in September 2019, so meeting kids and other families through school was a welcomed benefit. Everyone was friendly, warm and welcoming. Teachers and staff are invested in the children and their families. I was impressed with the thorough communication from the school and teachers. I always knew what Colin was learning and how he was doing. We felt so supported, especially during the COVID pandemic, from staff. They truly care and it shows. I knew Colin was in a loving, nurturing, safe environment and he thrived! He has started kindergarten seamlessly and I can thank his teachers from PCNC for that. We cannot thank PCNS enough for all they have done for our son and for our family.

The Fischer Family:

If you are looking for a warm environment, caring teachers, professional staff, and an overall A+ experience for your pre-schooler, look no further. PCNS is all of that and more. We could not have been happier with our son’s growth and development during his time there, both academically and socially. He began the school year shy and reserved, often timid to initiate play with other children. By the end of the year, he was excited to go to school each day to play with his friends and learn. PCNS celebrates all types of kids and families. It fosters curiosity and fun within a structured school day. The teachers and administration are excellent with communication. They went above and beyond in a COVID year to make everyone, parents and kids, feel safe and as ‘normal’ as possible.–

The Scibetta Family:

We have had three children attend PCNS. PCNS offers a safe and nurturing educational experience. There has always been open communication between parents and staff. The teachers and school director will always hold a special place in our hearts. They have guided our children and prepared them socially and academically for kindergarten.

Pollacchi Family

We could not be happier with the time our son spent at PCNS. The entire staff worked closely together, ensuring both one on one attention and group development.  It was reassuring to know each child was accepted and met at the place they were at on their developmental path. This created an unparalleled environment of acceptance and excitement.  You could sense the joy of learning through play and the close relationships built within the PCNS community.  We greatly value the work they do to help our children start their formal education on the right foot!

The Schittone Family

We are so grateful to the Presbyterian Church Nursery School for providing our two children with such a wonderful start to their school journeys! When we started looking for pre-schools, we wanted a nurturing environment where the focus was on learning through play and where our children could be slowly eased into being away from home for longer periods of time. PCNS was just that! The teachers and director are incredibly kind and patient with the children and helped us work through some serious separation anxiety. We have two very shy kids and at PCNS, they learned to communicate with adults outside the family, interact with their peers, and be comfortable away from us. Sadly, when you get to kindergarten the ‘play’ aspects of learning cease almost entirely, so we’re so glad that they had that as the basis of their learning in pre-school. We couldn’t recommend PCNS and its amazing staff more!

The Hanna Family

We had such a wonderful experience at PCNS and were so happy to have found the nursery school!  We felt the school provided the perfect balance of learning and play for their age.  The boys loved school and always looked forward to going.  We loved their teachers both years and the school really felt like family to us.  Both boys were also well prepared for kindergarten, when they graduated from preschool.

Hard to believe, Zach & Max started 3rd grade a few weeks ago! 

The Russ Family

Presbyterian Church Nursery School has impacted my life and the lives of two of my children in a very positive way over the last 16 years.
My eldest son, was lucky enough to spend 1 year at the Nursery School and my second son attended the Nursery School for 2 years. They both had happy and memorable school days and looked forward to attending. The school provides, a loving, nurturing environment, with smaller class sizes for more one on one attention to the children, which l think is sometimes overlooked in larger Nursery Schools.
My two boys are, to this day, still friends with some of the other children that they were in class with at the Nursery School, which l think is so special.
On a personal note, l have been lucky enough to start teaching at the Nursery School for the 2s and 3s class and have just started my 3rd year there and even though the Nursery School has, like all other schools, gone through an unprecedented period over the last 18 months, they/we have made it through and persevered, thanks to all the other amazing staff members and the indomitable spirit of the Director Jeanne Mueller. I look forward to being a part of the Presbyterian Church in some aspect, for years to come.

The Kent family

Our three children were lucky enough to attend 3 years of nursery school at PCNS over a total of 7 years. During this time, our children were loved and supported in a nurturing environment that made going to school fun! The teachers rely on a perfect balance between education and play and form long and lasting bonds with each student. Our children entered kindergarten with the emotional and educational skills to continue to thrive in elementary school. After we left PCNS our children started attending the midweek program. They continue to be supported by Mrs Mead and Mr. A. P. It’s a pleasure being able to see our kids develop real musical skills while still enjoying the fun aspects of religious learning in such a familiar space.

The Loeffler Family

My daughter is now in first grade but she still to this day take about PCNS!  I remember her first day of nursery school. She immediately felt right at home!  She turned around with a huge smile and waved and said bye mom!  No tears…..I was stunned. I was so happy that we found a place she felt safe and comfortable, with kind and caring teachers….some of which we are still in touch with today!  Just wonderful people at PCNS.  I can’t wait to send my son there too when he’s old enough!  

The Kehl Family

Although it has been a while since our daughter Lara had the big luck to attend The Presbyterian Nursery School pre-school class, our memories are still present. Why do we say “big luck”? It is because of the whole story behind, which I shortly want to wrap up:

When Lara was only 2.5 yrs old, we got a great job opportunity for an experience abroad in the Morristown area. We found a house in Morristown and I had to start work right away, so it was mainly my wife and Lara to explore the neighborhood, the playgrounds as well as some other activities. And yes, we definitely wanted to send Lara to a local pre-school to learn English, make friends and settle in.

So, one day my wife went with Lara to an indoor playground in Florham Park where they met some other mommies and they began to talk while the kids played. As you know at this age language is not a barrier so the kids just played and had lots of fun together 😊. The others mom’s kids were also attending Presbyterian Nursery School and they told my wife to just stop by and ask for a spot for Lara. So did my wife and pretty much from that day on, Lara started her pre-school at Presbyterian Nursery School in Morristown. Her teacher – Ms Healy  was so great and she made it super easy for Lara to join the class, make her first friends and also learn the language properly. Lara always loved going to school and also my wife and I felt so welcome and everyone was always helping and caring for one another. There have been always cute little get togethers for the mommy´s and kids and they always made so many art works and handcrafting things, with the kids for special occasions such as Valentine’s, Easter, Christmas or Halloween.

After a wonderful 2-yrs, our job assignment came to an end and we had to move back to Germany. But as we were so much integrated into the community and also made friends with Lara’s pre-school friends’ parents, we usually come for a visit twice per year and stay in close contact. Right now we a crossing fingers that Corona comes to an end and we can come back again to see all of you and to show Lara her pre-school again (this is what we do every time we come around) and tell her stories about the nice backyard with the swings, monkey bars, slides and the sandbox and other fun stuff where we could watch the kids while waiting for their pick up before school ended.

Many thanks to a wonderful time at a wonderful place with wonderful teachers and staff. Pretty sure you now completely agree when we said “big luck” at the beginning of the story.

The Geary Family

  • The Nursery school was one of the first places I belonged to when we moved to the Morristown area.  I felt a warmth and sense of belonging through out my 8 years there with all three of my children.  We connected with so many different families and wonderful teachers and so many people who I still call my friends today.
  • The nursery school gave my children the confidence and security they needed to have a wonderful start to kindergarten and and a great foundation to their school years.
  • From starting in the nursery school in 2006 to now an active member of the church, PCM has a very special meaning and feeling to everyone in my family.   My family all worships here and my children are involved in so many wonderful parts of the church including youth group, acolyte, committee members, ROGS.  We feel very much part of the church family here and its wonderful to see how it has grown into such and important part of our life all from registering for preschool. 

The Calder Family

I can’t say enough amazing things about our experience with PCNS!!! My daughter, Eloise, spent 3 years at PCNS – starting in the 2s program (she had a bit of anxiety to start, but quickly acclimated in week 2) to graduating from the 4s program with complete confidence and a love of learning. The school is exactly what we were looking for – a nurturing play-based learning experience where my daughter could learn key social skills and basic academics and foster a love of learning.

We are so excited to send our son, Miles, to school in 2022! And because of our great experience with the school, we have since joined the church community, our son was baptized this Summer, and our daughter is excited to participate in Sunday School and Midweek this year!

Thank you again for all that you have done for our family. My daughter is thriving in Kindergarten, and we are so grateful we chose PCNS 3.5 years ago! I’ve recommended the school to many friends, neighbors and random parents at the playground and will continue to do so.

The Singagliese Family

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the PNCS family in different capacities over the last 14 years – as a parent, as an advisory committee member, and as a teacher – and I can say, in no uncertain terms, that this program, this family, provides a little corner of happiness to all who pass through.

All three of my children attended PCNS for the two, three, and four year-old programs.  Each of my children is very different in both personality and learning style, and the teachers at PCNS met them where they were and loved and guided them through struggles and triumphs.  In turn, they helped me navigate motherhood: they offered suggestions and support when I needed it, and they guided me to the proper resources when called for.  When my children entered kindergarten, despite their differences, they were ready.  Academically, they knew their stuff, but more important, they were prepared socially and emotionally.  The loving teachers at PCNS provided them with opportunities to learn through  intentional play.  They nurtured them, listened to them, talked to them.  They modeled kindness and compassion. They held their little hands but also fostered their independence.  These are the important things in life.

My children and I made some of our closest friendships to date while we were a part of PCNS because PCNS is about forming lasting relationships that go well beyond the walls of the building.  The teachers and director always made sure to bring the families together through classroom and school wide events.  Although we are not members of the church, PCM opened their arms to all of us as well, creating community.  My children looked forward to VBS each year, and now that they are older, my daughter volunteers for that week.  She remembers how special VBS was to her, and she wants to help children coming up through the ranks feel the same!

Several years ago, I was offered the opportunity to assist in a classroom at PCNS, and I accepted.  My youngest was off to Kindergarten, and I was not ready to part from these halls.  I was unsure – I had been out of the workforce for eleven years, but I accepted, and I can say unequivocally – Best. Decision. Ever.  Jeanne Mueller and all of the teachers embraced me into their fold.  I saw how much these women gave of themselves every single day…how deeply they cared about each child.  I came to discover the joy of being around pre-kindergarteners, too.  Their excitement is infectious, pushing us, the teachers, to find ways to spark their curiosity and love of learning daily. 

Over the last year and a half, we have all faced the difficulties of a COVID world.  It has been challenging, but for me, being a part of the PCNS community was the high point of this time.  Jeanne has worked tirelessly to make our school the safe, nurturing place it has always been despite the pandemic.  My co-workers supported each other through professional and personal hardships.  The families cheered us on and showed deep gratitude as we forged ahead.  Why? Because PCNS is SPECIAL.

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