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COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

Last Updated November 18, 2020

Before Visiting

In order to better assure the safety of our church community, we ask that you please review the PCM COVID-19 Questionnaire; then confirm with your meeting coordinator that you have done so prior to arriving for your meeting.



The session in conjunction with input from the Safety Ministry team has re-opened some of the PCM facilities with limited access to staff, members and outside groups. A phased, incremental approach is being implemented that will allow us to understand the demand for access to the buildings and the procedures needed to keep visitors safe.

Meetings will be restricted to Sheffield, Erdman, & South Street Hall rooms – they may be used only once per week. Up to 10 persons may attend a meeting. The meeting coordinator will provide a health questionnaire and a full copy of the building guidelines to each attendee. Meeting requests should be made to administrative assistants or to the Director of Operations.

In brief, those guidelines are: While in the building, all visitors must keep on a face mask and maintain good social distancing. So no hugging, handshakes, holding hands. No food or drinks will be allowed by visitors in the Parish House. Bathroom use should be spaced out to a single person at a time.

Specialized disinfection equipment has been ordered to disinfect the PH & HH on a nightly basis. But until it arrives, room use is limited to ensure safe use by others following a meeting.

Individuals needing access to the PH should contact the Director of Operations.

We recommend that if you have a need for a meeting, you do it outside where convenient. Current data suggests COVID-19 is 20 times less infectious outside than inside a building. Even outside, social distancing should be practiced and masks worn.

Howard House has already re-opened to the tenants on the 2nd floor (it never closed for the Allreds on the 3rd floor!). We are in the process of securing a weekday tenant for the first floor.

The Safety Ministry Team and Church leadership will continue to monitor the situation and contingency plans are being prepared. Updates will be provided if any additional steps are required.

We also encourage you to notify Pastor Sarah of any positive testing. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Davies of the Safety Ministry.

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