Youth & Young Adult

For questions about PCM's Youth and Young Adult programs, contact Patrick Allred 

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the Youth Ministries at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown is where faith begins and grace abounds. We believe that our faith in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is always “beginning” in the sense that as a community of believers, our faith is never completed or finished. Faith is something that is constantly changing and growing.

For middle school, our faith “begins” again as many of us start attending different schools, continue maturing and growing up, and start meeting in the super-cool youth room at church!  

For 8th graders who join our confirmation program, their faith “begins” again as we learn about what it means to be a follower of Christ and a presbyterian.

For high schoolers, their faith “begins” again as they have just finished their confirmation year and enter into the church as full members. We seek to be a ministry that is always quick to give grace to others in our youth ministry, church, and the Morristown community.

Our core values are the heartbeat of our youth ministry. Being a welcoming community that is service-oriented and focused on cultivating faith is what we try to build all of our programming around.”  



Scholarships Available!

There are several scholarships available to PCM members attending an institution of higher learning! Check them out here.


Being an acolyte provides teens in grades 8-12 with an opportunity to fully participate in worship.  Our Acolytes assist at the 10am worship service, carrying the light of Christ into the Sanctuary before service, light the candles on the Communion table and carry the light out to the world at the conclusion. Acolytes may receive the offering, offer the prayer of dedication, read the first scripture reading or participate in Baptism. Two acolytes serve each Sunday once every six weeks. 


For 8th grade and up (and for those who may have missed in years past).  Confirmation is offered every year for 8th grad students. Older students who were unable to patriciate in confirmation their 8th grade year are welcome to join. For more information or questions, please reach out to Patrick Allred.

High School Youth Group

Our High School Youth Group meets on Sundays from 12:45 - 2:15 PM for lunch and various activities that builds our community, faith and mission. We also have a winter and spring retreat and a year mission trip working iwth the Risingvilee Intercommunity Service Effort (RISE). For more information please contact Patrick Allred.

Middle School Youth Group

Our Middle School Youth Group meets on Wednesdays from 4:30 - 6:00 PM for snacks, games, devotional, various activites that builds our community, faith, and mission. We also have a winter and spring retreat and many uear round service projects that seek to support our local service organizations. Fior more information, please contact: Patrick Allred.

Ringers on the Green - High School Bell Ringers

Our Ringers on the Green are a group of people with varying levels of musical experience and ability, but capable of and committed to excellence in all that we do. The hallmarks of our group are kindness, equality, musical excellence, dependability, charity, and openness in our welcome and in our communication. This group also assists in worship leadership with their musical offerings. Please reach out to Matthew Webb for more information!

Tower (Bell Ringers) and Cantabo (Middle and High School Choir)

Tower and Cantabo meet on Wednesdays from 4:00-4:45 at the Parish House. Students involved will continue to learn the fundamentals of music theory through vocal music and bell ringing. Both groups assist in worship leadership occasionally on Sunday mornings with their musical offerings.

Please reach out to Ignacio Angulo-Pizarro for more information!

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